Sunday, November 23, 2014

Swach Locality Swach Desh

It was delightful to watch Prime Minister Modi being so well received and hosted by USA and now Australia. That these economically developed nations are keen on investing in India and India too reaching out in a new and improved fashion , is a good sign for our country's future.

With mounting expectations, it certainly appears that the Government is slowly but surely moving in the right direction, at least on the diplomatic front. Several promises and resolutions have been made in these diplomatic and NRI meets. I would like to dwell a little on the much talked 'Swach Bharat' Mission.

Cleanliness and Timeliness has always been an issue with us,especially at the Public level. According to me, lack of correct policies and measures to punish the wrong doers, is the major problem. Also, to succeed in this mission fully, attitudes need to alter first. Else this process will always remain a temporary one failing to create a grass route impact and achieve fruition. Common scenes of spitting, squatting, littering and casual acceptance to it, needs to go and rather become intolerable.

To give the mission more air, than just a broom and duster, if mechanisms can be formulated by the local community and the Municipality to not only create awareness but also punish the wrong doers, I believe, changes would be visible instantly. Simple methods like taking frequent road shows, sending bulk SM'S, student rallies, using graffiti cleverly, sign boards ,putting notices in places of worship, etc are some that can create huge awareness. If done consistently, it tends to get registered in the minds for a longer time. Imposition of fines, banning plastic bags, placing bins and ensuring to pick and clean it regularly are other methods that can supplement the efforts. Road side eateries, vegetable vendors and hawkers need to be educated of the process and made accountable.

The local Municipality will have to shed its stereotypical attitude and join hands with the local community in shouldering the responsibility. Simultaneously, the local communities need to ensure that continued efforts are made and become more accountable. Rather than creating a Photo moment with a broom, all the sections of the community, including the Politicians need to join  hands and make a sincere efforts.

In my mind, a clean place of living, stirs a positive attitude within us and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Don't they say 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'.

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