Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Run your run to enjoy

Are you running,... I am too!. At what speed.......Oh!, I need to lap up then. You think you can win and whats your score..??
Are you one, constantly interrogating others. Sadly, you are a victim of rat racing. Once entrapped, it gets difficult to get out of it.

In today's fast paced life, such comparison is easy to set in because of rigorous competition and pressure cooker environment. With such a mindset, success is often snatched than earned. Eventually, it becomes a way of life, thereby loosing all enthusiasm of the process. 

Individuals, most vulnerable to rat racing tend to possess an insecure mindset. Their concern is more on other's status of achievement than their own issues. Though externally they might fabricate their views  'of being competitive' ; deep within they are in capable to face failures. It could be a tough task to manage and work with such personalities because of their doubting nature and their great ability to give excuses. There is always an air of negativity around them. They might be self motivated, but they try to demotivate others. 

In my mind ,our education system, is also a minor contributor to this mindset. Being number orientated, it creates a skin of statistical competition, thereby forcing to be judged by numbers. Concept building and process learning is often sidelined for numbers. Not faulting it totally, it has also produced many outstanding world Business Leaders. But how many are we talking about. It is therefore a big clue that education alone will not change everything for you. The onus lies on an individual to maneuver his or her path. The real idea is to create a good feeling and passion for what you are involved into, rather than acting snobbish. Happiness gained from your involvement in any task, is many notches above pure monetary benefits. Never run after money, make it run after you. Wholesome belief in your abilities, faith in your actions and smile on your face is the key to enjoyment. As professional sportsmen say 'Enjoy the game' and don't bother about the result. It is an easy sentence to preach, but quite difficult to follow. But an attempt is required.  Success is never guaranteed , but you can ensure that the path to it is cheerful and pleasurable.

Shridhar Mahadevan

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