Sunday, August 21, 2011

Modern Uprising

As the Indians get vociferous and buoyant about tabling the anti –graft bill, the resonance of the crusade is assured to be ingrained in the minds of the current and an upcoming generation. A nation that has had its fair share of problems (domestic and international); that is being ruined by petty politics and wrecked by middle men in possibly every sphere of life; this is the hour to crusade and fight for the right. With a majorly young population, the movement is going to be a revelation. Most of us have only read history books or learned from our elders about the Indian uprising or how the father of our nation stirred the nonviolent movement against the British. No matter whom the enemy is ,the principle value of non violent protest is being replayed to fight injustice.

And that is why I say it’s heartening to see young Indians join the fight. As much as the cause and magnanimity of the fight is crucial, so is the role of the youngsters in the movement. Being corrupt is contagious in nature. It was with us and is still with us. If it has to be eradicated the mindset has to change. The ‘chalta hain’ attitude has to alter to ‘bas ..nahin chalega’one. The bygone generation that might have had a ‘chalta hain’ approach will eventually get transformed to ‘nahin chalega’ with the massive involvement of the next generation. We must consider ourselves extremely lucky to have somebody like Anna Hazare at the forefront of this movement. Though there have been disturbing pictures of arrest, but the lessons to be learnt were many. This will eventually trickle and pass down to the forthcoming generation.

Many anecdotes will be shared and stories told. This is an important chapter in Indian democracy and will not just remain restricted to history books. The fight is not against the Government, it isn’t against any single Indian, but it is against a disease called corruption. Its eradication is important. As long as the human race exists, there will be demons and injustice is bound to prevail. But bowing down leads to exploitation and waging war might not always be the right solution. A nonviolent protest is a peaceful way to convey ones grievance and objection to bow down.


  1. Nicely written, this generation has carried one more attitude from the previous ones which i dont think will ever go...buckpassing... How do u think corruption comes...its bcoz there is some1 ready to bribe...and thts the common public....when u jump a red light...the police asks u for driving license and not money....its we as public to avoid the hassles of going to RTO and Court bribe them...just an example...this whole nation requires a cleaning which is not easy....i so support the lokpal bill but not the means adopted by Anna saheb and Co.

  2. nicely written shridhar.. aam admi jaag gaya hai :)