Monday, December 28, 2009


Was 2009 a year to be forgotten? Downfall, allegations and acquisitions, were the adjectives that underlined the corporate world. A corporate house having its name synonymous with truth threw out its forgery to an already bruised economy, opening the year to many unexpected shocks. Adding to the pain of cricket lovers were the Lahore bullet beamers, Agassi’s taste for different type of medicines and his book launching tactics and Tiger’s manly acts.

As the year unfolded, many sceptics felt that the year is going to be different. Predictions, speculations and suppositions went whizzing through our ears. Most of us wanted to stay put where we were. Risk became the buzz word. None of us could find the word trust that got lost amongst the bushes of sham and deception. Gradually, the air started to clear giving way to a bright sunshine of hope and optimism. Longing for a fully elected Government, India wanted to press ahead, the world’s powerful democracy got its first black President. The IPL took nourishment in South Africa, Australia lost the Ashes, Federer conquers the tennis world, Usain Bolt kept getting faster.

As the resurrection phase was getting over, the middle overs of the 2009 innings was taking shape of a calm statue. But not for long, the statue wanted to talk. India, Inc surged ahead with several M&A’s, launching different kinds of products and paving way for positive changes. Markets that were red were slightly turning to green. And the smiles were back again.

“3 Idiots”, punched the line that ‘Everybody should work for excellence and success would follow’. The dialogue and timing couldn't have been any perfect than this. An eventful year like 2009 shouldn't certainly be forgotten as it has thrown light on issues and facts that have been kept concealed for a long time. Ushering in the New Year, one has to be mindful of 2009 and hopeful for 2010. Let’s all pray to the almighty that may 2010 bring joy and happiness to every person, animal, bird, tree and all other living species.


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  2. What if Jacko is no more, he has left behind him a legacy of unforgettable hits. 2009's been a mixed bag. You are indeed ending this eventful year on a high note, and the last paragraph sums it all- urging us to become much more optimistic, hopeful and pragmatic as far as our thoughts are concerned. This is the need of the hour and you have expressed it so nicely. Keep posting..expecting more from you in 2010 and ahead! H A P P Y N E W Y E A R!!

  3. "one has to be mindful of 2009 and hopeful for 2010"...excellent way of putting both the years in the right perspective, this line sums it up all really well!

    I also really like your writing style, ..."Let’s all pray to the almighty that may 2010 bring joy and happiness to every person, animal, bird, tree and all other living species."
    - well thought out - nice choice of words.
    Keep writing and please increase the frequency of your writing.:)