Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Run your run to enjoy

Are you running,... I am too!. At what speed.......Oh!, I need to lap up then. You think you can win and whats your score..??
Are you one, constantly interrogating others. Sadly, you are a victim of rat racing. Once entrapped, it gets difficult to get out of it.

In today's fast paced life, such comparison is easy to set in because of rigorous competition and pressure cooker environment. With such a mindset, success is often snatched than earned. Eventually, it becomes a way of life, thereby loosing all enthusiasm of the process. 

Individuals, most vulnerable to rat racing tend to possess an insecure mindset. Their concern is more on other's status of achievement than their own issues. Though externally they might fabricate their views  'of being competitive' ; deep within they are in capable to face failures. It could be a tough task to manage and work with such personalities because of their doubting nature and their great ability to give excuses. There is always an air of negativity around them. They might be self motivated, but they try to demotivate others. 

In my mind ,our education system, is also a minor contributor to this mindset. Being number orientated, it creates a skin of statistical competition, thereby forcing to be judged by numbers. Concept building and process learning is often sidelined for numbers. Not faulting it totally, it has also produced many outstanding world Business Leaders. But how many are we talking about. It is therefore a big clue that education alone will not change everything for you. The onus lies on an individual to maneuver his or her path. The real idea is to create a good feeling and passion for what you are involved into, rather than acting snobbish. Happiness gained from your involvement in any task, is many notches above pure monetary benefits. Never run after money, make it run after you. Wholesome belief in your abilities, faith in your actions and smile on your face is the key to enjoyment. As professional sportsmen say 'Enjoy the game' and don't bother about the result. It is an easy sentence to preach, but quite difficult to follow. But an attempt is required.  Success is never guaranteed , but you can ensure that the path to it is cheerful and pleasurable.

Shridhar Mahadevan

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Swach Locality Swach Desh

It was delightful to watch Prime Minister Modi being so well received and hosted by USA and now Australia. That these economically developed nations are keen on investing in India and India too reaching out in a new and improved fashion , is a good sign for our country's future.

With mounting expectations, it certainly appears that the Government is slowly but surely moving in the right direction, at least on the diplomatic front. Several promises and resolutions have been made in these diplomatic and NRI meets. I would like to dwell a little on the much talked 'Swach Bharat' Mission.

Cleanliness and Timeliness has always been an issue with us,especially at the Public level. According to me, lack of correct policies and measures to punish the wrong doers, is the major problem. Also, to succeed in this mission fully, attitudes need to alter first. Else this process will always remain a temporary one failing to create a grass route impact and achieve fruition. Common scenes of spitting, squatting, littering and casual acceptance to it, needs to go and rather become intolerable.

To give the mission more air, than just a broom and duster, if mechanisms can be formulated by the local community and the Municipality to not only create awareness but also punish the wrong doers, I believe, changes would be visible instantly. Simple methods like taking frequent road shows, sending bulk SM'S, student rallies, using graffiti cleverly, sign boards ,putting notices in places of worship, etc are some that can create huge awareness. If done consistently, it tends to get registered in the minds for a longer time. Imposition of fines, banning plastic bags, placing bins and ensuring to pick and clean it regularly are other methods that can supplement the efforts. Road side eateries, vegetable vendors and hawkers need to be educated of the process and made accountable.

The local Municipality will have to shed its stereotypical attitude and join hands with the local community in shouldering the responsibility. Simultaneously, the local communities need to ensure that continued efforts are made and become more accountable. Rather than creating a Photo moment with a broom, all the sections of the community, including the Politicians need to join  hands and make a sincere efforts.

In my mind, a clean place of living, stirs a positive attitude within us and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Don't they say 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cell Phones or don't sell phones

Can we assess our conscious and sub conscious emotions for a moment by totally distancing ourselves from technology, particularly mobile phone.Would isolation from technology creek us and create a huge vacuum or have cellphones stitched themselves with our lives so much that, not owing one would leave us far behind.

It hit me, when I recently planned a luncheon with my friends and started feeling helpless due to constant botheration by my phone. When someone would share a thing or ask an opinion, the phone would prompt for attention .It kept my mind occupied more than my conversation with my pals. Eventually though, I found similarities all across my table. Each of us, though physically present, managed to chatter along without any significance to our daily lives.Well, it always feels good to catch up with your friends, I still wonder the core purpose of our meeting. The very piece of instrument that helped us organize this meet, ultimately kept poking and popping at frequent intervals. It got crazier, when 4 out of us 5 were attending our cellphones and the waiter had to return back felling amused. We eventually managed to complete our lunch and returned to our respective lives. I still kept wondering!! Not about our meeting, but the perils of owning a cellphone. What would have happened, had I not carried it. It was anyway a planned get together, with an assurance that all knew the venue and promised to be there on time. In times prior to the advent of cellphones, weren't people meeting and hanging out . Was it easier for them!

Kids born post technology boom, are hooked on to it like a magnet, whereas there still persists some resistance from the people of previous generations. Various connections and interconnections that we manage through these cellphones, actually tend to create a havoc in our mental space. It constantly keeps us thinking, through variety of its features. Some may be relevant, others only keep our fingers and mind occupied. Few tend to have separate connections for work and home, but it hardly matters, as the phone has given the callers a great tool and medium for intrusion. But where is all this heading. I don't want my cellphone to accompany me to my bedroom, leave alone bathroom.We know the health hazards that cellphone and mobile towers can cause, but so do people smoking tobacco; they haven't stopped. Can we only distance ourselves from our phones while at sleep or when there is a battery drain.

Gadget geeks and technology driven individuals would find no logic in my observation, because it is largely a personal one. But think of it and it is the same for each of us. On numerous occasions, I have observed that cellphone conversations are given precedence than a physical or direct human interactions.

I am not an anti- technology person. As a matter of fact, I truly value technology and its boons in the areas of health care, education etc, albeit in the different manner. There are several areas where technology has stepped in to create a wave of change in our perception. At the same time, some are intrusive as well. The way things are shaping, it seems rather impossible to have an off time with our phones, as most things happen through it now. As a traditionalist though, I candidly propose people to spend more time with humans than any form of technology.

This is posted through a medium of technology as well!!!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


You ask to sing, I sing to you; you ask to dance, I dance for you
You’re the master and the creator
As mere actors we dawn the stage,
And perform as scripted by thy
When swayed from the scene, disturbing the drama
To our rescue, you come, oh Rama!
As thoughts overwhelm my mind and stink it with ego
I ask you to interrupt and stop the flow
Take me, caress my thoughts, refresh and renew it
With a breath of fresh air, you awaken our wounded minds
Can it regain the state of oneness or dance to other desires, who can tell!
Stay with us and illumine us at every wrong step taken or bad thought arisen

Take us to your world oh dear Rama.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

India's MSD

MSD just became India’s most successful test captain. If one has to analyze him as a subcontinent captain, I believe, India is lucky to have someone of MSD’s character and personality.  He is someone, who is always on the lookout to set new precedents, almost uncannily. Purely cricket wise, he has always been unorthodox. Being so, it takes guts and immense determination to back oneself and accomplish such achievements. By no means has he finished.
His verbatim always point and give us an indication that he has good control of mind, actions and emotions.  There are various examples of small town Indian cricketers creating buzz on entry and then bombing badly, only to disappear.  Despite great highs and some lows, MSD has managed to hang in there and create unique cricketing records for India. He has always baffled viewers and commentators alike with his unique on field decisions. Some work, some don’t, but in his case, he has this ability to pull the rabbit out at the right time.  He is seldom blunt, doesn't mince words with the opposition and by wicket-keeper standards, he is way too quite. His partnership with Duncan Fletcher has been a tough and mixed one for India so far. After the loss against England at home, his captaincy was in danger.  There were talks of captaincy split to suit different formats. It’s anybody’s guess why that never happened.  
Indian cricket is moving into a new era and various chapters are in the writing. Where, in the past, there was a drag on non performing players, it is all changing now. As much as he relishes the big occasion, MSD is ready to throw the challenge to his own players by asking a newcomer to bowl a crucial slog over or by promoting a youngster up the order.  I think it is sheer confidence that Dhoni executes on the field and intends to transfer it to his players. Some capture it, some throw it away.  At crucial stages of a game, he discreetly demands his players to stand up on their own and deliver for the country. That for me is incredible. Even a dynamic Saurav Ganguly, whom I believe was one of India’s best captains, managed not to undertake and often relied on experience.  At times, MSD’s raw arrogance is often misunderstood as being stubborn, but on numerous occasions, it generally results in him doing things differently than others.
The arrival of some new faces in the test side has brought in a breath of fresh air and some new ideas as well. And the recent results are a clear witness.  Also Duncan has got his contract extended. In the later part of the year, India is set to tour South Africa, New Zealand. It’ll be quite interesting to watch and assess their renewed partnership .Whatever happens from here on, Mahi will surely go down as a modern day cricket legend, whose simple idea to set new precedents.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 It is always your neighbor who will respond to your call or plea first, than any distant relative or friend, no matter how closely connected you are with them. A neighbor probably has a sense of every movement and happening resulting at your place. He keeps knowledge of your eating and style preferences, frequently visited places, people and many other things. His might not be the greatest suggestion on earth, but there is no way to dodge or get away from him as he is going to stare into you every possible day.
One can ill afford to have a ‘face off’ relationship, as it would serve nobody’s purpose. Raising tempers, constant bickering not only creates a bad impression, it also would make life miserable. It always pays to give in and act cordial not matter how bad or arrogant your neighbor is. Your turn will certainly arrive, as what goes around also comes around. There certainly will be occasions where your help would be sought by him; therefore he’ll have to show equal understanding and respect. But this thought is seldom understood by many.
To put this into the perspective of India and its adjoining neighbors, we’ll have to sort out things to pave way for smooth bilateral and unilateral relations. Smaller nations like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh which are rich in resources and talent constantly require investment for capital expansion and innovation. Since these nations have a strong cultural and traditional match with India than China, we need to capitalize before China plays its card. Sadly we haven’t managed to do so because of border and various other issues. The reason to place Pakistan out of the bracket is because it requires a different approach than the other nations. If these nations show good growth potential, it increases India’s opportunity to invest in them and reap the benefits of their growth. From a larger view point, there would be reduction in border trafficking, illegal migration and other currency related issues as well. Not to say that such issues would be always tackled differently. When it comes to Pakistan, both nations would have to realize the fact that, any issue that remains unsorted for more than 60 years obviously cannot be sorted with just a few meetings and discussions. Also this one impending issue shouldn’t stop these two nations from coming together and cross investing. If India and Pakistan can work jointly in the fields of education, women empowerment, improving trade and commerce at the same time continue its cultural ties; I certainly feel it could create a huge difference in our relationship.
Relationships need time and need constant nourishment to give shape and strength. One would have to learn the art of giving before he expects to receive. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

America and its hope

In an era of dominance through the 90’s until recently, there have been few blips in America’s super stardom. Keeping aside the political controversies at a national and international level, the United States of America have always fascinated the world. Be it fashion, music, education, sports, movies, it has always tried to be ahead of others. The drama surrounding the recent US elections personifies this phenomenon. Despite all issues, in a general sense, people of my generation in India, have always wanted to realize the Great American dream by making a visit at least once in a life time. We’ ve have always wanted to do what America does, dress like them, eat their food and so on.

But this great American phenomenon is fast waning due to rapid Globalization and emergence of other economies, notably China. I am quite confident in my mind that America will rise again and become competent, but I am not quite sure if it becomes the dominant force it was. And dare I say that!

There are several reasons to express this argument of mine. But cutting to the point, Mr. Obama has a tall order to accomplish. The world and America, certainly has witnessed an economic crisis, war, geopolitical tension and natural calamities hit us at frequent intervals. But what if we have to face them all together, it’d be tough and scary. America is still counting on the havoc created by Super storm Sandy.

As with every election, it’s with faith and hope that a party gets elected. There was barley much to choose between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney until the final day arrived and it all changed.  One can only wait and watch things unfold. But make no mistake, that the choice made by America, will resonate across the globe.  Only time will tell, if America can regain and recapture its fast loosing aura and show the current generation its super power.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility

With the mandate on CSR, the Government has clearly given an indication that, its resources are too short to reach the needy and desperate in our country.  I am certainly not in favor of this initiative. It is not like saying that a ‘Corporate should do only so much’; as, an organization has to do its bit to support and bring inclusiveness. But mandating activities like CSR upon its financial numerical is hard to fathom.
I have always believed that giving is different from sharing. Corporations give, they don’t share. This giving can be more impactful without any strings attached by the Government. If the Government is thinking of poverty eradication through CSR, I am afraid it isn’t going to succeed.  In addition to employment generation and direct contribution to the economy, I feel the Government is asking for too much through this mandate. In turn the Government should consider making effective use of taxpayer’s money. It should look for means to improve the existing PDS system and supply chain to beat the rot. Instead of looking at introducing new welfare schemes every election, it should ensure effective and successful outcome of the current schemes. The center cannot shy away from its responsibilities.
Typically, large corporations try and touch those sections of the society that get neglected by the Government either unintentionally or intentionally. CSR becomes more logical, when the respective Government scheme’s have played their roles and the gap of have not’s have reduced after that effort of Government’s social and welfare schemes. In a vast nation like ours, it is impossible for a single category or group to bring in the change.  The treatment of CSR should be different from the other public policy of the Government.
My belief is that if Corporations (Public or Private),have corporate governance as one of their top priorities, pay correct taxes on time and generate merit based employment, they’ll accomplish half of the job that a non corrupt nation would want. The accumulated wealth should be judiciously invested into areas like basic skill development, grass root sports, healthcare and sanitation improvement. Because the Government schemes have lesser impact on these areas, they should be of prime focus of the corporations. Many Public enterprises having rural presence are doing a brilliant job of creating communities, women self held groups to bring in this social change. CSR involves substantial investment of time and energy. Mandating it could cause inward pressure onto the Corporations and things could go for a toss.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2nd Half of the year – Keep it high

It’s a time of the year when the festive spirit is on its rise. Come August, almost with dwindling rains, people in Mumbai, gear themselves for a host of celebrations and gatherings. With several public holidays lining up, the second half of the year is a kind of period where numerous plans are laid out.

The wholesome change in the mood that these festivals bring in is unmatchable. Kids love it and the mature yearn for it. Divinity entwines with custom and tradition, but the heartthrob of the celebration has always been the customary visits by relatives, friends, exchanging of gifts and eateries etc. All your worries are sidelined and your mind constantly oscillates on that incredible moment of meeting and feasting.

FMCG companies start formulating means and ways to capture the consumer mood and produce schemes that try and make direct entry into their homes. Not wanting to be left behind, the tourism industry comes out with a variety of packages. From the perspective of commerce and economics, where the first half of the year (especially under recessionary pressures) is a period of consolidation; the latter part of the year is where the instincts start taking over and consumer spending is at its peak.

For minds that attract lethargy, there couldn’t have been a better time. Settling within the confines of your home, there still could be stuff to do. Reliving old ties, picking up a book, catching up on movies, redoing your house are some of the several activities people try to engage themselves into.

At the moment though, the Ganesh rituals in Mumbai have taken over from team Anna that had kept the city gripped and interested. The lit up streets and Ganesh pandals is quite a sight. These are set to continue until Nav ratri. There may be a 10 PM deadline to be followed, but that will certainly not damp the essence of joy and festivity.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Modern Uprising

As the Indians get vociferous and buoyant about tabling the anti –graft bill, the resonance of the crusade is assured to be ingrained in the minds of the current and an upcoming generation. A nation that has had its fair share of problems (domestic and international); that is being ruined by petty politics and wrecked by middle men in possibly every sphere of life; this is the hour to crusade and fight for the right. With a majorly young population, the movement is going to be a revelation. Most of us have only read history books or learned from our elders about the Indian uprising or how the father of our nation stirred the nonviolent movement against the British. No matter whom the enemy is ,the principle value of non violent protest is being replayed to fight injustice.

And that is why I say it’s heartening to see young Indians join the fight. As much as the cause and magnanimity of the fight is crucial, so is the role of the youngsters in the movement. Being corrupt is contagious in nature. It was with us and is still with us. If it has to be eradicated the mindset has to change. The ‘chalta hain’ attitude has to alter to ‘bas ..nahin chalega’one. The bygone generation that might have had a ‘chalta hain’ approach will eventually get transformed to ‘nahin chalega’ with the massive involvement of the next generation. We must consider ourselves extremely lucky to have somebody like Anna Hazare at the forefront of this movement. Though there have been disturbing pictures of arrest, but the lessons to be learnt were many. This will eventually trickle and pass down to the forthcoming generation.

Many anecdotes will be shared and stories told. This is an important chapter in Indian democracy and will not just remain restricted to history books. The fight is not against the Government, it isn’t against any single Indian, but it is against a disease called corruption. Its eradication is important. As long as the human race exists, there will be demons and injustice is bound to prevail. But bowing down leads to exploitation and waging war might not always be the right solution. A nonviolent protest is a peaceful way to convey ones grievance and objection to bow down.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What’s wrong with BCCI

With a ranking of No.1 in Tests and ODI’s, the recently crowned world champions should have gone for more glory and greatness. Half way through the tournament, the followers of Indian cricket are unhappy and clearly disappointed with their team’s performance. The inevitability of the result would have subsided ,had there been a more spirited display by the Indian boys.

It could have been injuries, could have been niggles, but failure to compete once the line is crossed isn’t something the fans like seeing. Fanatics would have tore seat covers on such a shoddy showing. As players, it is imperative for Dhoni & Co to forget the results of the two matches’ and quickly gather the positives that came briefly.

But the real cause for such a misery can be traced to the poor planning or rather no planning from the BCCI. It’s a known fact that Indians are slow starters when it comes to acclimatization to overseas conditions. Add that to the high quality fast bowling that was eagerly waiting to test the best. The enormity of the occasion was such that the Pundits ranked it with the Ashes. At the end of the Lords test match, Dhoni did clarify that all series are important and this one is no exception. But a series that could decide the fate of rankings should have been given slightly more preference, especially when it comes topreparedness of its playing 11. Overlooking key issues pertaining to the game, the administrators were probably planning and pondering the means and ways to increase revenue. Unlike machines, players cannot turn up and start running with a push of a button. If, for the BCCI, being victorious and winning crucial games are of any importance, it has to shift its focus to the actual issues facing the game.

When quality suffers, quantity automatically becomes irrelevant. I am amused the BCCI fails to recognize such a simple logic. I am not a purist, but if this is what on offer from BCCI, the bubble will burst very fast. Everything boils down to clichéd management adjectives like planning, execution and performance.

IPL shouldn’t be left to operate as mere player producing machine. Just by increasing capacity, it’ll do just that. It is essential to assess its efficiency and quality of returns. India has come a long way when it comes to playing overseas test matches. But the next step of closing the series with bigger margins happens when better teams stamp their authority. This is what West Indies and Australia did in the past. To achieve superiority in test cricket, India will have to be ruthless; else it’ll only manage an odd series win here or a test match there.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life ain’t short, it ain’t long;
a will to behold and be strong can help gather panache

Clichéd life is just existence,
Buttress it with smile; polish it with gusto, to make it a living

Bite your sorrow, swallow your despair;
Guise yourself with vigor, renew your energy and happiness will gush down

Failure is temporary and success isn’t permanent
Demean the result and enjoy the process,
for below your breath, life is only an undercurrent.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Forgotten Indian Football Association ( FIFA)

In case you missed the month long madness in South Africa, you’d have to chance it four years later in Brazil. Sixteen years back, when an apartheid torn South Africa, were wielding ways to emerge from the despair, it would have required a magnanimous effort to wash the wrong doings. For those of the Mandela era would have been absolutely proud to watch the universal sport decorate its wonderful continent. As in any pre-event drama, FIFA were cautious of the preparedness of South Africa and its ability to provide ample security to the delegation. Though there were a few blips outside the arena, the security was top class. Over the few years, South Africa has fast emerged as world’s sporting and entertainment corridor. If anything, this event was grand and immense in many aspects and truly lived to its expectations.

Watching the action, mostly from home, one thought kept running in mind; when would India ever play in a FIFA World cup, will it ever happen in my life time?

It's a thought that would have poked every football follower's mind in the country, with a strange feeling of pessimism given the current scenario. It’s a felling of deprivation by our own people. The motive and aspirations of the administrators of this game in our country needs to be seriously questioned as focus on improvement has never been a priority. As I see, it , there are two things that could define the success of Indian football, i.e., quick restructuring of our age old club system to modern terms and increased participation of Indian footballers in clubs outside India ,especially in Asia. I say Asia, because Europe is way ahead. It's an irony that the world's third oldest football tournament is played in India, which is an indication of an existing legacy. But these are mere facts of the past, if the present is ordinary and there is no future road map.
Recent visits by the Uruguayan world cup star Diego Forlan, former Brazilian Romario and other chiefs of Barclays Premier league and coaching staff of Manchester City, suggest that the outside world is also keen to see emergence of Indian football. Sports has nothing to do with GDP growth and economic boom, as there are many nations with a lesser GDP than that of India's who have performed at the WC.
As I continue to express my thoughts, the organizers and conductors of the Commonwealth Games, with their bureaucratic and babus attitude have justified my feelings. It’s a sad story, but this is what needs to end. Sports organization run by Government officials is the same as giving a steering to a bullock cart driver. It's useless, unless he is aware of the driving rules.
Parents of middle and upper middle class children, who, in the past , were reluctant of their child pursuing a sporting carrier, are now gradually showing signs of changing mindsets, where they now feel that time spent under the sun is worthy enough to have a good future and a sound financial security. It’s the children of these parents who need to be provided with the requisite funds and support, without any profit motives. One of the finest examples, where football has cured social problems, is Central Africa. A continent prone to epidemics and violence has been given new lease of life by football. It’s the promise shown by these Africans that made FIFA pump the funds. Indian football will have to carve out a similar promise, as the talent is very much there. A country with a billion population, can surely generate11 great footballers.
Let’s all try our bit to bring in the necessary awareness of football and make the souls of the great Neville De’Souza, Chunni Goswami and PK Banerjee proud.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Indian Hockey missed the bus long time ago

Isn’t there an uncanny parallel between the way Indian Hockey and West Indies cricket have conducted themselves over the years? One can evidence each any every move made by the Indian Hockey to have already been made by West Indies cricket. What did they achieve in doing that is the inference the Indian Hockey should have made a long time ago.

The National game is clearly in a state of shambles. While the recently concluded World cup has ignited some level of lost interest, it is only for the sport and not for the Indian players. It was an absolutely terrible performance by the entire staff of Indian Hockey. Clearly they looked out of sorts and were found wanting. It's a deep rooted problem that the sport is facing in India. It’s not that we are starving for skill and talent. It is the shortage of refinement techniques and inability to mould the talent into skill. And where can we find the refinement and the moulding tools. It’s at the grass root levels; in schools and colleges. And why hasn’t the association facilitated these schools and other coaching centres with these requisites. There are numerous questions to be posed.

West Indies ruled the cricketing world through the 70’s and the 80’s. They did fine till the start of the 90’s. By the early 90’s, most of their stalwarts either had or were on the verge of retirement. They lacked the resources and facilities to generate talent and create a pool of players who could act as natural replacements. Domestically they suffered several inefficiencies of infighting, sponsorship and captaincy issues. The ex-players too, never bothered to give back to the game. They therefore lost their place and have since been recognized as an ordinary side. Haven’t we witnessed similar events in Indian Hockey? Having reached the pinnacle of Hockey world with Olympic and World cup Gold’s under their belt, it's a shame to not qualify for Olympics. Dissolving the Hockey federation is the second shot in the arm. The sole reason for such a pathetic state is its governance.

While cricket in India grew tall and strong, it’s poor cousin shrank to get unnoticed. And I am not just pointing out its weak governance, but also the way the game has been marketed and taken to the public. Hockey, in India needs a Jagmohan Dalmiya to take it to the next level. In this day and age, sport is viewed as a commercial pot boiler. It needs to run in a manner that benefits the sport and the sportsman equally, and that’s where cricket has gone far ahead than other games especially in India. Not to say, cricket is error free, but those are more to do with external elements. The first step is to stop bragging about our great past in the Hockey world, because that will only lead to comparisons. Presuming that Hockey was never played before, let’s begin from the scratch. The pundits and the think tank would have to join hands, let go their ego and create an elected body that could nurture the game. First step is to invest in good quality Astroturf grounds, not just in big cities, but also in tier II and tier III cities and towns. Though Hockey was first to introduce the league system in India, it never really caught the imagination of the people as IPL has. This is where the promotion and marketing comes handy. It is certainly not logical to appoint a consultant to reform the sport, but if it could be helpful, let’s do that. It is imperative to rejuvenate the dead cells within the Indian Hockey. Various countries today, provide effective soft skills for players and coaches to adapt the new world orders. These are some of the investments the enthusiasts would have to make.

Our glorious past should only tutor us and not overwhelm us with high expectations. Let’s take it one step at a time.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Was 2009 a year to be forgotten? Downfall, allegations and acquisitions, were the adjectives that underlined the corporate world. A corporate house having its name synonymous with truth threw out its forgery to an already bruised economy, opening the year to many unexpected shocks. Adding to the pain of cricket lovers were the Lahore bullet beamers, Agassi’s taste for different type of medicines and his book launching tactics and Tiger’s manly acts.

As the year unfolded, many sceptics felt that the year is going to be different. Predictions, speculations and suppositions went whizzing through our ears. Most of us wanted to stay put where we were. Risk became the buzz word. None of us could find the word trust that got lost amongst the bushes of sham and deception. Gradually, the air started to clear giving way to a bright sunshine of hope and optimism. Longing for a fully elected Government, India wanted to press ahead, the world’s powerful democracy got its first black President. The IPL took nourishment in South Africa, Australia lost the Ashes, Federer conquers the tennis world, Usain Bolt kept getting faster.

As the resurrection phase was getting over, the middle overs of the 2009 innings was taking shape of a calm statue. But not for long, the statue wanted to talk. India, Inc surged ahead with several M&A’s, launching different kinds of products and paving way for positive changes. Markets that were red were slightly turning to green. And the smiles were back again.

“3 Idiots”, punched the line that ‘Everybody should work for excellence and success would follow’. The dialogue and timing couldn't have been any perfect than this. An eventful year like 2009 shouldn't certainly be forgotten as it has thrown light on issues and facts that have been kept concealed for a long time. Ushering in the New Year, one has to be mindful of 2009 and hopeful for 2010. Let’s all pray to the almighty that may 2010 bring joy and happiness to every person, animal, bird, tree and all other living species.

Monday, October 12, 2009

India’s Road to Supremacy

Consistently, in the recent past, India is being bracketed as an emerging economy and a deemed super power. The reason for this is manifold. It’s out there in the media, all economical forums, everywhere, about India’s success and achievements. Slowly but surely this country is making its presence felt at every platform.

I have always been of the opinion that India’s road to becoming a world leader shouldn’t be judged purely on its economical and financial results. Where any country would love to ride on economical successes with sustained financial performance, it is the all round capability of a nation that makes it stand apart from the others. Innovations in science, astronomy, automobile, environment care, sporting successes are very important when adjudicating a country as supreme. Well, China, with its back ground and style of ruling should be out of comparison and that there are very few nations to be compared with, when considering the entire strata of things, we need to carve a platform ourselves basing on our diversity and culture. We would have to craft an atmosphere where all the issues are, if not resolved immediately are tackled and not lost in the cracks. While we are getting there, it’s a journey that’s long away.

To my knowledge, for a vast and complex country like ours, the basic step should be to ensure that the rural population is uplifted. Efforts should be made to lift people out of poverty and lessen the dependence on aid. How can this be done? Effective use of taxpayers’ money, ensuring that the economic and fiscal policies are executed fully, provision of good quality education, healthcare, basic amenities like roads, better communication systems, completion of infrastructure projects on time, housing, ensuring that the government schemes are reaching the poor, cleansing the entire political system and eradicating corruption etc are some of the things that need to be addressed immediately. The list just doesn’t end here.

Infrastructure (both urban and rural) is the spine of our development. Advanced and quality network of roads, railways, airways, and telecommunications will have to be the bullet points from which we will need to carve a good long story. Proper infrastructure would then have to be supplemented with good civic amenities and effective control systems to monitor its usage and durability. Dense the network, more beautiful the script could be.

All of these are achievable and attainable, if we get our act together, exhibit strong political will, bring in accountability and responsibility and hone our skills.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

India vs Australia – is it going to be Duckworth Lewis this time

I thought India vs Australia series is over, with India emerging victorious. But who would have thought that the Australian back lash would be of such form. Over the course of few years, there has been something about the two nations. Be it trade, tourism, sports, commerce, education etc. Both countries feel that the need for one other is more than ever before.

With this backdrop of comradeship and friendliness, the current happenings were totally uncalled for. Smashing your guests at your home, speaks a lot about your character. It reveals a picture of hypo critic mind set. It says that, what ever we tell is not always true, but we’ll still say it out.

To my mind the reason for the rage is beyond just the job capture. India is growing and is voicing its presence in many sectors. Well it may be true that, the cost of labour may be less and affordable in comparison to that of Australia, USA etc.. but this is no reason for hatred. Who is the ultimate gainer here? It’s both. In a Globalised world you cannot run your economy solely. The world has come to such a stage where, you now require an outside help for running your own house. In such a scenario you can’t be choosy.

Australian government is set to earn $15.5 Billion annually through their foreign education program. Currently there are about 97,000 thousand Indian students studying in various Australian universities. These are huge numbers, and say a lot. If things continue the way they are now, and no action is taken, it could all change dramatically. Many doors are open and opportunities calling for Indian students other than Australia. Worldwide survey’s predict that going forward, India will have a huge population in the age group of 18-35. So the potential for education is really big. Many nations are woo-ing Indian students. So if Australia are to retain this attitude of theirs, they have to accept huge losses.
Post match celebrations awaited.............!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Society – The Beneficiary

Sadly, the rule of service says that Human beings are rendered productively inefficient post 60 years of their life. Candidly put they mean to say they are utterly useless. I stand to defy this thought, for I think they can be major contributors for general upliftment of the society.

Running on 60, one generally feels a sense of achievement, or probably a grief of underachieving for some. But at the end of all, with a touch of nostalgia, working professionals feel relieved of their individual offerings. What after that? A retiree has all the right in the world to relax, unwind, spend time with grand children, do things which otherwise they missed doing, walk around the park etc. Nobody can take away this basic right of theirs.

Thinking progressively, the years of experience and abundant knowledge should be put to right use. Today in India the age group of 16-35 form the major portion of the total population. Such a young country potentially can achieve the unachievable. With such a copious and rich talent in the offer, deprivation of facilities is a sad truth. Looking around today, where the nation is growing at a certain 6-6.5%, there is so much that could be done. Of which one of the major issues that the HRD is battling is provision of Basic Education. Though child labour is officially banned by the Government, it still exists in some pockets of the country. Each individual needs to understand that there is only so much the Government or an NGO can do.

Sitting at home, working around at one’s own pace and looking for ways to kill time, if the retiree would think of indulging into community service, what a pass time would that be. There are scores of children who are deprived of basic education. These children end up doing things which otherwise they shouldn’t be doing. If one wishes, a retired self can at least spend no more than 1 hour daily to teach these children. Forget teaching a class or a group, even if they impart education to 1 child, imagine the transformation and the difference it would create. So to speak, one could take ownership of counselling, teaching a child. The years of experience, accumulated wisdom would be really beneficial to children who otherwise would never get such an opportunity to learn.

As noble a thought it sounds , it is a durable task to accomplish. But if the seniors take time and counsel some of these under privileged, it can do wonders to the society. This action would go a long way in bolstering the Governments efforts in improving the literate population. Having said that, it’s not to blame the seniors for everything, it’s to say that the wealth of experience and skill could be used in a much better way.

Blood is thicker than water

You many have a zillion friends, but siblings are irreplaceable. Having scribbled a few lines on the substance of friendship already, I stand to distinguish the thin line between the two wonderful relationships.

For starters, both are very important to me and I hold immense regard for both the associations. For all those people out there, who think friends are greater than brothers and sisters, please continue to do so, I am not here to do a conversion.

Most of us treat our siblings as punching bags. How often can you yell at your friends, kick them, and boss them around. My study says that the frequencies of the above actions are much more with your brothers & sisters than with your friends. Secondly, how often do you heed your sibling’s suggestion, advice or requests, my points would go for friends in this instance. All this and more... By virtue of a common childhood, common room and of course common parents, our blood bonds are taken as contracted. Without discounting their importance in our lives we have an uncanny liberty towards their emotions and feelings. There are no sorry’s, apologies in a blood contract, whereas you’re taxed with a sorry for a single howler with your friend.

The driver, here is that no matter what, there are numerous chances that you can have with your brothers and sisters, but there are very limited with your friends. This is not to say that pals are less important. We are humans, and humans have ego. Ego centric people, can never enjoy either relationship to the fullest, you need to forsake your ego at some point.

If someone was to ask me, I’d say that both parties play an influential role in one’s life. I try to balance between both, keeping a simple logic in mind, that you can make friend out of a sibling, but can’t make a sibling out of a friend.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Global Emergence of Cricket

Indian Premier League, a brain child of Lalit Modi, took its birth in India in 2008. After the resounding success in its first season, the expectations with season 2 were huge. Fanatic supporters of cricket in India wanted that the IPL be conducted in its homeland and enjoy the wonderful spectacle of superstars competing each other. Before the contest could be staged, the BCCI had to compete with the Government of India on another ground. In the wake of the General Elections, there were high doubts on whether the mega event would be conducted.

Needless to say, elections in any country are more imperative and chief task ahead of sporting event of any kind. Not ready to take chances with the terrorist, the Home Minister P.C Chidambaram debated with the BCCI on the timing of the expensive event. The Ministry was clear in its stance of not distributing the security or over working them. Diversion of security forces for party campaigning, political rallies, etc meant that the forces would either need to work overtime or there be a postponement of other events. With tones of sponsorship money involved and a franchise based tournament, the team owners and the administrators wanted to get on with the tournament. After a host of symposiums, the IPL administrators felt that the version 2 experiences should be realised outside India. With the thought of making tones of money, the England and the South African cricket boards wanted to capitalise on the moment, and did whatever it could to allure BCCI. Both nations felt that there are enough facilities available for the players and staff to work on and produce a block buster. Weather being one of the major concerns in London, South Africa got the deal. And Boy! What a fantastic reception it turned out to be.

Between India and South Africa, there is something beyond cricket. Their ties date back to the 19th century during the days of British rule. It was also India that hosted South Africa in 1992, when the troubled nation took a cricketing rebirth.
Starting with the parade and then the opening ceremony, it was heartening to watch how the general public embraced the event. Packed stadiums, cheering crowds supporting their choice of teams could have only made Lalit Modi and the BCCI happier.

I certainly feel that movement to South Africa has come as a boon to the game and to the event as a whole. In a globalising world, where sport competes with sport, cricket languishes far behind. Arguably the ICC hasn’t really done enough to spread the game to more nations. As a result, for a sport in existence for more than 100 years, have only 10 Test playing nations. What cricket can boast is of having 3 different versions of the same game. The third of the lot is glamorous of all and is slated to act as ICC’s response to football. Popularly speaking, cricket’s got a long way to go in comparison to football. But if the IPL reception in SA is anything to go by, I think cricket has well and truly arrived. IPL is now an assured success, in India and abroad. Its sustenance will only bolster the globalising aspect of the game.

Generation of funds is essential for survival of any sport. Since its induction, T20 has proved to be a money spinner than the traditional One day cricket. With the ODI’s getting more predictable, the ICC and the other cricket boards need to find ways to cut down on the number of ODI’s and compensate with T20’s. With utmost respect to tests, ODI’s and T20’s, it’s now time to look ahead and maintain a balance between the three. In a bilateral series, instead of playing 7 ODI’s and two Twenty20 games, it would be logical to have 3 ODI’s and 3 T20's. With the players complaining of fatigue and stacked calendars, this can come as respite. Going forward if the ICC intends to promote the game to the youth; it needs to keep the duration aspect in mind.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vote a Neta

What’s the first thought that strikes you when you hear the word ‘NETA’. Betrayal, dishonesty, power freaks etc.
To speak my mind off, I can think of several other adjectives.

Indian political scenario is an evident portrayal of a democratic mindset. Every move made by our beloved netas, are in adherence to the democratic ideologies. Take a look at this; Freedom of speech- a neta can give names to any one, banter party’s other than his, change his stance as and when the situation demands; Freedom of movement – switch party’s every election, etc

In a circus of sorts, our politics is a conundrum I fail to fathom. I am sure there are zillion minds out there trying to figure out the mystery. Each election brings with it something unexpected. But this election almost seems to be one without a concrete agenda. It’s almost like, looking for a home first and food will follow then.

One can now argue that, need I cast my ballot then. Why would I vote, if I am not getting anything in return? Partially true, but voting is a right that every eligible citizen should exercise. Legitimate voting is the primary indicator that a Country’s house is in order. It’s always better that you vote someone than giving chance to bogus voting.

Stepping into the 21st century, India has been on the move, be it economics, sport etc. Despite the current global state of affairs, there is no arguing that India has taken giant strides in several areas. Its a nation, that dreams to capture the sky and bring down the stars. There are echo’s that our nation is slated to be one of the emerging super powers. With such a dream and anticipation, it is imperative for the citizens to not get overwhelmed but stay focussed. At the outset, having a strong government is an important requirement.

In a set up, where there aren’t good choices of contestants, we citizens need to ensure that the aspiring neta is first eligible to contest. There should be a background check to ensure that the leader we are choosing does not have a criminal involvement. Having a well educated politician also helps.

So what are we waiting for, let’s get started.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rekindle your lost camaraderie

Hardships of life could astonish you, Hardships of life could revel you
As high as you fly, remember your base, before you fall flat on your face;
Do remember to call on your fellow

Old friends are like wines, Older, the stronger
Money & Fame go away with time; Friendship & amity grow with it

When, during the lull, remember those sunny noon’s with your fellow
And he’ll give you that mellow

Involve yourself in his gloom; inform him of your boom
Be a listener, give a shoulder, be a provider
Give belief, Give love, Give Faith


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Help! Save our Planet

At a time when mankind is wrestling against terrorism, political conflicts, household crimes, economic instability etc,a much bigger threat looms large. The planet, we are existing is losing its sheen. EARTH! A beauty created by the almighty is fast shrinking to the hands of various pollutants’.

Clamour hard, choke your vocal cords and pass on the information to as many ear’s as you can, that the time has come. The time to hoard and conserve the natural beings is calling BIG TIME!.

Activities affecting earth and discussion on its protection shouldn’t be made a one time /day affair. Actions that can have profound effect should be addressed time and gain. Get a dedicated column in your newspaper, talk about it daily! Don’t we want our future generations to have a better dwelling place. Appropriate steps taken now ,will yield better results and only facilitate a better living. These actions and objectives needn’t be at a union or a state level, it should begin at local and municipal level. Facts about the diminishing green cover and the rate of increase in Global warming are horrifying. Day in and out, we hear about tree felling, chopped mangroves, cultivable land sold for concretisation etc. These actions need to be checked at hand, to stop its adverse impacts.
Picture this, would we be counting the number of tigers, and other exclusive animal species, if we had considerable Green cover spread across our country, the answer is a plain no. The only reason for their extinction is loss of forests. Well, green may not be a preferred colour for all, but it is the need of day.

Living in mega city like Mumbai, where bricks and cement have replaced tree trunks and tender leaves, its a task on our hands to try and preserve the already diminishing natural resource. But as always there are solutions that can be followed to improve the situation. There are few initiatives that every household can take.
Now what kind of steps am I talking about? Putting off unused appliances, turning to vegetarian food, growing more plants, discouraging clothes made out of animal skins,checking pollution levels etc are some that can be implemented at a household level. At a community level, regular cleaning of landfills, proper garbage treatment, retaining open spaces etc are measures that can be undertaken.

There goes a corporate saying, ‘Think out of the box’. Generically put, if we can leverage this punch line in the context of this article, we shouldn’t restrict our responsibilities and actions to our country, we are the citizens of this universe and the preservation and conservation of mother nature lies in our hands.


Monday, March 23, 2009

7.20 PM Asangaon Fast : a local train medley

Closing the day’s work, I sprinted out of my office, to the Taxi stand. Gnawing my teeth, and waiting restlessly for 15 minutes, I finally got in a shared cab. The peak hour evening traffic and pot holed roads isn’t quite the ride one would like to have after a day’s work, needless to say about the poor old Fiat taxis. Get it straight, driving back and forth from Worli to Dadar and resisting the traffic is really a tough ask. As he drove, we could feel the windows and doors trembling. All we wanted was to get to the station as soon as possible.

No sooner we reached Dadar station; there was a 100 meter hurdle dash to the platform. You’ll find the best of athletes hopping and gliding themselves through the mob of crowd. It’s then struggle no.2. to get to your platform and board the train. As any other Mumbaite, it was my dream to at least have (a) day out 365 with minimal passengers boarding the trains, vacant seats etc, Wasn’t to be! All you find at the over bridge, and then in the platform is the half of the world population. A big boost to your mood! Saddened by the population explosion, I waited desperately for the fast queen. And there she arrived, with people hanging like a bunch of grapes.

Getting in and finding your feet inside a packed train is an art one can attain only with frequent commuting. I know this isn’t something that really counts on your appraisal, but it still is a big part of your life. Inability to dig inside and acquire a standing space points your inefficiency for a Mumbai local train travel. The sooner one realises this, the better. After a lot of pushing and pulling I managed to hold on to the rod. The view inside a crowded train is a story in itself. Different species of mankind with virtual magnetic hands and legs tied to one another. Standing close to the door with one foot almost on the edge of the train, I was trying to place the other foot somewhere, carefully analysing the foot positioning of others. With my legs apart and my back bent on one side, I put up a posture reminiscent of Michael Jackson. In the midst of this, people were getting on and off at each alternative halts. People use different ploy’s to counter the madness of crowd within the train. Waiting or should I say dumped inside a train, is the time when your friends, relatives would want to talk to you, the cell phone would vibrate and you can’t get to it. In this hustle, some do manage to connect and in a hushed tone would request the longed caller to call back. Then there are inseparable love birds, who board the gent’s compartment thinking it to be a secluded moving object with no other eye’s watching their cajoling acts. Regular travellers prefer to board the same train, possibly the same compartment. By doing this on a daily basis, they then be friend the fellow passengers and create an uncanny rapport. They aren’t bothered about your health, welfare etc, all they want to know about you is your destination. Passing of luggages, newspaper borrowing, bantering, abusing are regular features inside any Mumbai train.

A local train journey is a great place for current affairs and market update, if you will! People take this opportunity to punch their frustrations on others, some give back others submit. If you eavesdrop, you can get good stock market tips. No sooner the train left Vidyavihar, all Ghatkoparite’s confirmed if the guy standing ahead of him about his drop and pushed ahead. As the train hit the platform, I got pushed out, without really making an effort myself. I jumped out and took the over bridge to get the east.

Walking back home, I desperately wanted to get home as soon as possible. Ate and Slept!

Good Morning, Dombivli Fast is arriving at platform no.4!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Switch Trade

Ever imagined how things would’ve been, had we still lived in an era of Barter system, other things remaining same. How would businesses run, what would people deal in? Weird isn’t it!

Keeping the paper money aside, let’s jig into a world of Barter exchange for a while. It’s logical, if barter trade was existent at a micro level, where farmers would exchange rice for pot from a pot maker, or wheat for a piece of cloth from a weaver or tailor. But what about people like us on the other side of the world who have no knowledge about agriculture, manufacturing goods etc.

An American firm outsourcing jobs to India, would substitute salaries with monthly ration. If you are an excellent performer you would get a ready made shirt as recognition and if you are entitled for a yearly bonus you will get variable and premium Basmati rice.
I would go to my regular provision store, buy (trade) one coconut for 100 grams of freshly made hot banana chips. As a retailer, he would be exchanging a fusion of things received from his customers, with the wholesaler.

Lalu Prasad Yadav would instruct his railway authorities to trade tickets for 1 litre of coconut hair oil for general quota, shampoo for sleeper quota and deodorants/perfumes for other classes. Hmm! And what about Tatkal service? Every budget would be a discussion point for the range of products that would be traded for tickets.

A question to be posed at this juncture is, whether the greed sensing nerve would still strike, in a barter world. Can I speed through the traffic without being nabbed? Or do I disburse a soft drink to the cop and take off. And what about deals done at the macro level i.e. defence, arms etc. It is not much about the type and mode of exchange but the motive for exchange that matters. There are no lids on our desires and wants. Human beings crave for more all the time and it is this very single factor called “ MORE” that has taken us to the valley of recession, from where climbing upwards is taking its toll on each and every Government. Governments aren’t incarnations of a superior soul. They comprise of us humans. Rolling up to the economy, at a personal level one needs to ask oneself, is it only the thin piece of paper with a picture of a national leader embossed on it, is all you care about.

In an era of Clones, genetic engineering and Carbon Trade where you pay credits for every additional unit of carbon release, is there really a possibility for a SWITCH in system. Let’s have Poll!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Taking charge of your career

Yesterday, I attended a Speaker session in my office. Both the topic and the speaker were really good. The topic goes like this...”Taking charge of your career”... and it goes apt with the current phase in my career.
I have decided not undermine myself by way of this article, but on a general note, I would like to say that sessions like these, when attended in the initial days of one’s career, may prove very beneficial.
Realising your potential, identifying your strengths and understanding you’re not so good areas were the talking points in the session. And what important points these are.
If you are able to appreciate and comprehend all of the above adjectives early on, then one should presume that whatever you are doing and wherever you are; you are all set. From here on it’s only your fortitude and resilience that takes you to the next level.
Well, for some it may not be as easy and straight forward to recognise their potentials, but somewhere, in some manner you are made known that you are in the wrong place.
It becomes imperative for each of us to sit back and ponder on various things happening around us, and find ways to keep ourselves motivated. If we can do this on a regular basis, it then becomes easy to gauge our progress.
Easier said than done.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tough Ride

Looking at the sky,
I wished to fly
For the sky looked so high
I got a strain in my thigh,
Decided to roll on the earth,
Then thought of the quake
For life is short, don’t dwell on unwanted thought!

I wanted to become a cricketer
Thought of the snorter
Could kick the football well, but thought of the money
But an analyst ain’t minting honey
For life is short, don’t dwell on unwanted thought!

Think of a girl and feel flattered
Her betrayal makes you shattered
A game of the strong hearted and indomitable
I preferred to askew the sideway
For life is short, don’t dwell on unwanted thought!

Journey of life is baffling
Within a passage of a whirlwind you ‘r found wanting
Step up!…. Step up and feel counted
For life is short, don’t dwell on unwanted thought!

Changing Times

One clear evidence of changing times is also the way we dress. Dress!! Do I really care about how others dress, eat, sleep etc...? Sorry this may not be a point of discussion for all. The point I am trying to drive here is, there are somethings that visibly indicate that time has moved on and newer things have emerged.
My experiences so far, on various grounds ratify this thought of mine to the fullest. 2 years ago I knew nothing about blogging!
Are we forced to move with time or ahead of it, is a question I would like to first ask myself. My domestic maid updates me on her late arrival via SMS, I check the rates of newspaper scrap by messaging my dealer. Small things, but they do count. We (India) don't hold the record for most number of Mobile phone users for nothing.
Children, now, begin their computer acquaintance as early as 5-6 years old. As a 6 year old I always wanted to play outdoor games. We used to play a variety of games and the evenings would never be complete, had we missed playing any of them. Jumping compound walls, chasing each other have been replaced by Counter Strikes, NFS’s etc. These are good hi-tech games, but physical games shouldn’t be only restricted to gymnasiums and club houses.
Laying of new roads, bridges, introduction of hybrid cars are indications of physical changes around us, but the basic mindset of humans has grown only scantily. Its still a debate that technology would take over life. While better equipments and technology are only complimentary to human life, it can, in no way replace the human element. A wonderful tool called the Internet, facilitates one to send an email to his loved ones, at the same time some anti social elements exploit it to send threats. The shenanigans of techies and technocrats would take a lot of time to fall.
At the end of all, I am always game for new breed of technology, but the human element should always be on top. Technology should act as buttress and not conquest.
There still are billions of people that I encounter daily who do not use cell phones and they seem to be happy not having it either. Hmmm! Another billion, possibly who do not use computers. Being economically and financially deprived of them, is an altogether different story. But these are ones who don't feel its requirement as yet. So be it!
“Parivartan hi Sansar ka niyam hain” goes a saying in Hindi. One shouldn’t shy away from the changes, but take things in their stride positively and move along. I know its easier said than done.

Beat the Saviour

This dastardly act of attacking the Sri Lankan cricketers has not only shaken the entire cricketing fraternity in the sub continent region but with it also the general public.
Though the bullets were fired in the lawns of the Liberty market in Lahore its velocity could be felt far and wide.
After the Indian cricket team denied travelling to Pakistan, preceded by several other nations, it was Sri Lanka who stepped in to act as a bridge between Pakistan and the other cricketing nations. This gesture was only ridiculed by the fast encroaching Talibanisation within Pakistan.
As I sit to write my heart felt views to the Sri Lankan cricketers, I also fret about the foreseeable cricketing (sporting) future of Pakistan. One has to feel for the genuine cricket lovers of Pakistan, for it wasn’t their entire fault that this heinous incident happened.
Sri Lanka, a strife torn nation submerged with its own problems, takes off to Pakistan, another cricket crazy country waiting for the revival of the wonderful game. Despite Sri Lanka’s effort to act as a saviour, its noble thought was defeated by an act of cowardice. For long it was believed that Sporting personalities are indispensible and are brand ambassadors of goodwill and harmony. We also heard Imran Khan restating time and again that any terrorist organisation would never harm sportsmen, but even he was proved wrong. As a result, it is no longer safe to conclude that sporting personalities are above all. One can only play a waiting game to see what lies ahead for Pakistan from a cricketing perspective.
It must come as a respite that England has acknowledged to act as a neutral venue for all Pakistan matches, but the essence of playing at home will be dearly missed.
In the midst of the blame game, the real victims are the common people. In this scuffle, it’ll always be the aam aadmi who’s at the receiving end. With the upcoming general elections what better time to sit back individually and analyse the corollary of our voting pattern. Do we need someone who promises light and takes us to darkness or one who can illuminate our minds within the looming obscurity. Let us Decide!

-Shridhar Mahadevan (4/3/2009)