Monday, March 24, 2014

Cell Phones or don't sell phones

Can we assess our conscious and sub conscious emotions for a moment by totally distancing ourselves from technology, particularly mobile phone.Would isolation from technology creek us and create a huge vacuum or have cellphones stitched themselves with our lives so much that, not owing one would leave us far behind.

It hit me, when I recently planned a luncheon with my friends and started feeling helpless due to constant botheration by my phone. When someone would share a thing or ask an opinion, the phone would prompt for attention .It kept my mind occupied more than my conversation with my pals. Eventually though, I found similarities all across my table. Each of us, though physically present, managed to chatter along without any significance to our daily lives.Well, it always feels good to catch up with your friends, I still wonder the core purpose of our meeting. The very piece of instrument that helped us organize this meet, ultimately kept poking and popping at frequent intervals. It got crazier, when 4 out of us 5 were attending our cellphones and the waiter had to return back felling amused. We eventually managed to complete our lunch and returned to our respective lives. I still kept wondering!! Not about our meeting, but the perils of owning a cellphone. What would have happened, had I not carried it. It was anyway a planned get together, with an assurance that all knew the venue and promised to be there on time. In times prior to the advent of cellphones, weren't people meeting and hanging out . Was it easier for them!

Kids born post technology boom, are hooked on to it like a magnet, whereas there still persists some resistance from the people of previous generations. Various connections and interconnections that we manage through these cellphones, actually tend to create a havoc in our mental space. It constantly keeps us thinking, through variety of its features. Some may be relevant, others only keep our fingers and mind occupied. Few tend to have separate connections for work and home, but it hardly matters, as the phone has given the callers a great tool and medium for intrusion. But where is all this heading. I don't want my cellphone to accompany me to my bedroom, leave alone bathroom.We know the health hazards that cellphone and mobile towers can cause, but so do people smoking tobacco; they haven't stopped. Can we only distance ourselves from our phones while at sleep or when there is a battery drain.

Gadget geeks and technology driven individuals would find no logic in my observation, because it is largely a personal one. But think of it and it is the same for each of us. On numerous occasions, I have observed that cellphone conversations are given precedence than a physical or direct human interactions.

I am not an anti- technology person. As a matter of fact, I truly value technology and its boons in the areas of health care, education etc, albeit in the different manner. There are several areas where technology has stepped in to create a wave of change in our perception. At the same time, some are intrusive as well. The way things are shaping, it seems rather impossible to have an off time with our phones, as most things happen through it now. As a traditionalist though, I candidly propose people to spend more time with humans than any form of technology.

This is posted through a medium of technology as well!!!!!


  1. Nice thought...but i too really wonder if cell phones could be used at a minimum. But with latest apps like Whatsapp, Facebook app, people get more opportunities and reasons to keep the phones always attended to. Our lives indeed are becoming addicted to tech - quite contrary to the very existence of tech - to support humans. Nice article man.