Wednesday, March 27, 2013

India's MSD

MSD just became India’s most successful test captain. If one has to analyze him as a subcontinent captain, I believe, India is lucky to have someone of MSD’s character and personality.  He is someone, who is always on the lookout to set new precedents, almost uncannily. Purely cricket wise, he has always been unorthodox. Being so, it takes guts and immense determination to back oneself and accomplish such achievements. By no means has he finished.
His verbatim always point and give us an indication that he has good control of mind, actions and emotions.  There are various examples of small town Indian cricketers creating buzz on entry and then bombing badly, only to disappear.  Despite great highs and some lows, MSD has managed to hang in there and create unique cricketing records for India. He has always baffled viewers and commentators alike with his unique on field decisions. Some work, some don’t, but in his case, he has this ability to pull the rabbit out at the right time.  He is seldom blunt, doesn't mince words with the opposition and by wicket-keeper standards, he is way too quite. His partnership with Duncan Fletcher has been a tough and mixed one for India so far. After the loss against England at home, his captaincy was in danger.  There were talks of captaincy split to suit different formats. It’s anybody’s guess why that never happened.  
Indian cricket is moving into a new era and various chapters are in the writing. Where, in the past, there was a drag on non performing players, it is all changing now. As much as he relishes the big occasion, MSD is ready to throw the challenge to his own players by asking a newcomer to bowl a crucial slog over or by promoting a youngster up the order.  I think it is sheer confidence that Dhoni executes on the field and intends to transfer it to his players. Some capture it, some throw it away.  At crucial stages of a game, he discreetly demands his players to stand up on their own and deliver for the country. That for me is incredible. Even a dynamic Saurav Ganguly, whom I believe was one of India’s best captains, managed not to undertake and often relied on experience.  At times, MSD’s raw arrogance is often misunderstood as being stubborn, but on numerous occasions, it generally results in him doing things differently than others.
The arrival of some new faces in the test side has brought in a breath of fresh air and some new ideas as well. And the recent results are a clear witness.  Also Duncan has got his contract extended. In the later part of the year, India is set to tour South Africa, New Zealand. It’ll be quite interesting to watch and assess their renewed partnership .Whatever happens from here on, Mahi will surely go down as a modern day cricket legend, whose simple idea to set new precedents.

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  1. An ode to MSD's character and success..neatly told n logically detailed..great job!!