Friday, November 9, 2012

America and its hope

In an era of dominance through the 90’s until recently, there have been few blips in America’s super stardom. Keeping aside the political controversies at a national and international level, the United States of America have always fascinated the world. Be it fashion, music, education, sports, movies, it has always tried to be ahead of others. The drama surrounding the recent US elections personifies this phenomenon. Despite all issues, in a general sense, people of my generation in India, have always wanted to realize the Great American dream by making a visit at least once in a life time. We’ ve have always wanted to do what America does, dress like them, eat their food and so on.

But this great American phenomenon is fast waning due to rapid Globalization and emergence of other economies, notably China. I am quite confident in my mind that America will rise again and become competent, but I am not quite sure if it becomes the dominant force it was. And dare I say that!

There are several reasons to express this argument of mine. But cutting to the point, Mr. Obama has a tall order to accomplish. The world and America, certainly has witnessed an economic crisis, war, geopolitical tension and natural calamities hit us at frequent intervals. But what if we have to face them all together, it’d be tough and scary. America is still counting on the havoc created by Super storm Sandy.

As with every election, it’s with faith and hope that a party gets elected. There was barley much to choose between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney until the final day arrived and it all changed.  One can only wait and watch things unfold. But make no mistake, that the choice made by America, will resonate across the globe.  Only time will tell, if America can regain and recapture its fast loosing aura and show the current generation its super power.

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