Sunday, September 4, 2011

2nd Half of the year – Keep it high

It’s a time of the year when the festive spirit is on its rise. Come August, almost with dwindling rains, people in Mumbai, gear themselves for a host of celebrations and gatherings. With several public holidays lining up, the second half of the year is a kind of period where numerous plans are laid out.

The wholesome change in the mood that these festivals bring in is unmatchable. Kids love it and the mature yearn for it. Divinity entwines with custom and tradition, but the heartthrob of the celebration has always been the customary visits by relatives, friends, exchanging of gifts and eateries etc. All your worries are sidelined and your mind constantly oscillates on that incredible moment of meeting and feasting.

FMCG companies start formulating means and ways to capture the consumer mood and produce schemes that try and make direct entry into their homes. Not wanting to be left behind, the tourism industry comes out with a variety of packages. From the perspective of commerce and economics, where the first half of the year (especially under recessionary pressures) is a period of consolidation; the latter part of the year is where the instincts start taking over and consumer spending is at its peak.

For minds that attract lethargy, there couldn’t have been a better time. Settling within the confines of your home, there still could be stuff to do. Reliving old ties, picking up a book, catching up on movies, redoing your house are some of the several activities people try to engage themselves into.

At the moment though, the Ganesh rituals in Mumbai have taken over from team Anna that had kept the city gripped and interested. The lit up streets and Ganesh pandals is quite a sight. These are set to continue until Nav ratri. There may be a 10 PM deadline to be followed, but that will certainly not damp the essence of joy and festivity.


  1. Shridhar, Nice post! I really like your free-flowing thought process and your generic style of writing. Pleasant post to read.


  2. Good one!Infact, anyone can easily relate to what you have posted. It's the same story at every home- excitement, joy, goosebumps, plans and outings. Keep up the good work!!