Sunday, August 7, 2011

What’s wrong with BCCI

With a ranking of No.1 in Tests and ODI’s, the recently crowned world champions should have gone for more glory and greatness. Half way through the tournament, the followers of Indian cricket are unhappy and clearly disappointed with their team’s performance. The inevitability of the result would have subsided ,had there been a more spirited display by the Indian boys.

It could have been injuries, could have been niggles, but failure to compete once the line is crossed isn’t something the fans like seeing. Fanatics would have tore seat covers on such a shoddy showing. As players, it is imperative for Dhoni & Co to forget the results of the two matches’ and quickly gather the positives that came briefly.

But the real cause for such a misery can be traced to the poor planning or rather no planning from the BCCI. It’s a known fact that Indians are slow starters when it comes to acclimatization to overseas conditions. Add that to the high quality fast bowling that was eagerly waiting to test the best. The enormity of the occasion was such that the Pundits ranked it with the Ashes. At the end of the Lords test match, Dhoni did clarify that all series are important and this one is no exception. But a series that could decide the fate of rankings should have been given slightly more preference, especially when it comes topreparedness of its playing 11. Overlooking key issues pertaining to the game, the administrators were probably planning and pondering the means and ways to increase revenue. Unlike machines, players cannot turn up and start running with a push of a button. If, for the BCCI, being victorious and winning crucial games are of any importance, it has to shift its focus to the actual issues facing the game.

When quality suffers, quantity automatically becomes irrelevant. I am amused the BCCI fails to recognize such a simple logic. I am not a purist, but if this is what on offer from BCCI, the bubble will burst very fast. Everything boils down to clichéd management adjectives like planning, execution and performance.

IPL shouldn’t be left to operate as mere player producing machine. Just by increasing capacity, it’ll do just that. It is essential to assess its efficiency and quality of returns. India has come a long way when it comes to playing overseas test matches. But the next step of closing the series with bigger margins happens when better teams stamp their authority. This is what West Indies and Australia did in the past. To achieve superiority in test cricket, India will have to be ruthless; else it’ll only manage an odd series win here or a test match there.

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