Monday, October 12, 2009

India’s Road to Supremacy

Consistently, in the recent past, India is being bracketed as an emerging economy and a deemed super power. The reason for this is manifold. It’s out there in the media, all economical forums, everywhere, about India’s success and achievements. Slowly but surely this country is making its presence felt at every platform.

I have always been of the opinion that India’s road to becoming a world leader shouldn’t be judged purely on its economical and financial results. Where any country would love to ride on economical successes with sustained financial performance, it is the all round capability of a nation that makes it stand apart from the others. Innovations in science, astronomy, automobile, environment care, sporting successes are very important when adjudicating a country as supreme. Well, China, with its back ground and style of ruling should be out of comparison and that there are very few nations to be compared with, when considering the entire strata of things, we need to carve a platform ourselves basing on our diversity and culture. We would have to craft an atmosphere where all the issues are, if not resolved immediately are tackled and not lost in the cracks. While we are getting there, it’s a journey that’s long away.

To my knowledge, for a vast and complex country like ours, the basic step should be to ensure that the rural population is uplifted. Efforts should be made to lift people out of poverty and lessen the dependence on aid. How can this be done? Effective use of taxpayers’ money, ensuring that the economic and fiscal policies are executed fully, provision of good quality education, healthcare, basic amenities like roads, better communication systems, completion of infrastructure projects on time, housing, ensuring that the government schemes are reaching the poor, cleansing the entire political system and eradicating corruption etc are some of the things that need to be addressed immediately. The list just doesn’t end here.

Infrastructure (both urban and rural) is the spine of our development. Advanced and quality network of roads, railways, airways, and telecommunications will have to be the bullet points from which we will need to carve a good long story. Proper infrastructure would then have to be supplemented with good civic amenities and effective control systems to monitor its usage and durability. Dense the network, more beautiful the script could be.

All of these are achievable and attainable, if we get our act together, exhibit strong political will, bring in accountability and responsibility and hone our skills.

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