Wednesday, July 15, 2009

India vs Australia – is it going to be Duckworth Lewis this time

I thought India vs Australia series is over, with India emerging victorious. But who would have thought that the Australian back lash would be of such form. Over the course of few years, there has been something about the two nations. Be it trade, tourism, sports, commerce, education etc. Both countries feel that the need for one other is more than ever before.

With this backdrop of comradeship and friendliness, the current happenings were totally uncalled for. Smashing your guests at your home, speaks a lot about your character. It reveals a picture of hypo critic mind set. It says that, what ever we tell is not always true, but we’ll still say it out.

To my mind the reason for the rage is beyond just the job capture. India is growing and is voicing its presence in many sectors. Well it may be true that, the cost of labour may be less and affordable in comparison to that of Australia, USA etc.. but this is no reason for hatred. Who is the ultimate gainer here? It’s both. In a Globalised world you cannot run your economy solely. The world has come to such a stage where, you now require an outside help for running your own house. In such a scenario you can’t be choosy.

Australian government is set to earn $15.5 Billion annually through their foreign education program. Currently there are about 97,000 thousand Indian students studying in various Australian universities. These are huge numbers, and say a lot. If things continue the way they are now, and no action is taken, it could all change dramatically. Many doors are open and opportunities calling for Indian students other than Australia. Worldwide survey’s predict that going forward, India will have a huge population in the age group of 18-35. So the potential for education is really big. Many nations are woo-ing Indian students. So if Australia are to retain this attitude of theirs, they have to accept huge losses.
Post match celebrations awaited.............!

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