Friday, May 15, 2009

Blood is thicker than water

You many have a zillion friends, but siblings are irreplaceable. Having scribbled a few lines on the substance of friendship already, I stand to distinguish the thin line between the two wonderful relationships.

For starters, both are very important to me and I hold immense regard for both the associations. For all those people out there, who think friends are greater than brothers and sisters, please continue to do so, I am not here to do a conversion.

Most of us treat our siblings as punching bags. How often can you yell at your friends, kick them, and boss them around. My study says that the frequencies of the above actions are much more with your brothers & sisters than with your friends. Secondly, how often do you heed your sibling’s suggestion, advice or requests, my points would go for friends in this instance. All this and more... By virtue of a common childhood, common room and of course common parents, our blood bonds are taken as contracted. Without discounting their importance in our lives we have an uncanny liberty towards their emotions and feelings. There are no sorry’s, apologies in a blood contract, whereas you’re taxed with a sorry for a single howler with your friend.

The driver, here is that no matter what, there are numerous chances that you can have with your brothers and sisters, but there are very limited with your friends. This is not to say that pals are less important. We are humans, and humans have ego. Ego centric people, can never enjoy either relationship to the fullest, you need to forsake your ego at some point.

If someone was to ask me, I’d say that both parties play an influential role in one’s life. I try to balance between both, keeping a simple logic in mind, that you can make friend out of a sibling, but can’t make a sibling out of a friend.

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  1. Nice job! You have conveyed the idea in a very lucid manner. Proper and appropriate usage of words I must say. In one go, you have touched upon some crucial aspects-relationships, ego and a common human being's perspective.
    Keep posting. This is turning out be a nice blog.