Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vote a Neta

What’s the first thought that strikes you when you hear the word ‘NETA’. Betrayal, dishonesty, power freaks etc.
To speak my mind off, I can think of several other adjectives.

Indian political scenario is an evident portrayal of a democratic mindset. Every move made by our beloved netas, are in adherence to the democratic ideologies. Take a look at this; Freedom of speech- a neta can give names to any one, banter party’s other than his, change his stance as and when the situation demands; Freedom of movement – switch party’s every election, etc

In a circus of sorts, our politics is a conundrum I fail to fathom. I am sure there are zillion minds out there trying to figure out the mystery. Each election brings with it something unexpected. But this election almost seems to be one without a concrete agenda. It’s almost like, looking for a home first and food will follow then.

One can now argue that, need I cast my ballot then. Why would I vote, if I am not getting anything in return? Partially true, but voting is a right that every eligible citizen should exercise. Legitimate voting is the primary indicator that a Country’s house is in order. It’s always better that you vote someone than giving chance to bogus voting.

Stepping into the 21st century, India has been on the move, be it economics, sport etc. Despite the current global state of affairs, there is no arguing that India has taken giant strides in several areas. Its a nation, that dreams to capture the sky and bring down the stars. There are echo’s that our nation is slated to be one of the emerging super powers. With such a dream and anticipation, it is imperative for the citizens to not get overwhelmed but stay focussed. At the outset, having a strong government is an important requirement.

In a set up, where there aren’t good choices of contestants, we citizens need to ensure that the aspiring neta is first eligible to contest. There should be a background check to ensure that the leader we are choosing does not have a criminal involvement. Having a well educated politician also helps.

So what are we waiting for, let’s get started.

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