Friday, March 6, 2009

Taking charge of your career

Yesterday, I attended a Speaker session in my office. Both the topic and the speaker were really good. The topic goes like this...”Taking charge of your career”... and it goes apt with the current phase in my career.
I have decided not undermine myself by way of this article, but on a general note, I would like to say that sessions like these, when attended in the initial days of one’s career, may prove very beneficial.
Realising your potential, identifying your strengths and understanding you’re not so good areas were the talking points in the session. And what important points these are.
If you are able to appreciate and comprehend all of the above adjectives early on, then one should presume that whatever you are doing and wherever you are; you are all set. From here on it’s only your fortitude and resilience that takes you to the next level.
Well, for some it may not be as easy and straight forward to recognise their potentials, but somewhere, in some manner you are made known that you are in the wrong place.
It becomes imperative for each of us to sit back and ponder on various things happening around us, and find ways to keep ourselves motivated. If we can do this on a regular basis, it then becomes easy to gauge our progress.
Easier said than done.

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  1. Nice post SMD!

    It cant be said enough that if we aim to make anything out of ourselves, then we ought to take charge of ourselves first - without waiting for opportunities to come by. Opportunities are all around us, but it's upto us to hear the knock.

    A dialogue in Oscar nominated 'Revolutionary Road' starring Leo diCaprio and Kate Winslett succintly sums this up - 'I dont believe in destiny. I believe in me!'

    Your poem was on similar lines too - 'For life is short, don’t dwell on unwanted thought!'

    Keep aside the rotten, and bring in the new. This is Obama's motto and the reason why he's loved so much. Unlike others who waste time dwelling on the mistakes of others, here's a man who's determined to forget the past, correct the present and welcome the future.

    All the best with your blog - this was certainly a great start - looking forward to more intellectual insight!