Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Help! Save our Planet

At a time when mankind is wrestling against terrorism, political conflicts, household crimes, economic instability etc,a much bigger threat looms large. The planet, we are existing is losing its sheen. EARTH! A beauty created by the almighty is fast shrinking to the hands of various pollutants’.

Clamour hard, choke your vocal cords and pass on the information to as many ear’s as you can, that the time has come. The time to hoard and conserve the natural beings is calling BIG TIME!.

Activities affecting earth and discussion on its protection shouldn’t be made a one time /day affair. Actions that can have profound effect should be addressed time and gain. Get a dedicated column in your newspaper, talk about it daily! Don’t we want our future generations to have a better dwelling place. Appropriate steps taken now ,will yield better results and only facilitate a better living. These actions and objectives needn’t be at a union or a state level, it should begin at local and municipal level. Facts about the diminishing green cover and the rate of increase in Global warming are horrifying. Day in and out, we hear about tree felling, chopped mangroves, cultivable land sold for concretisation etc. These actions need to be checked at hand, to stop its adverse impacts.
Picture this, would we be counting the number of tigers, and other exclusive animal species, if we had considerable Green cover spread across our country, the answer is a plain no. The only reason for their extinction is loss of forests. Well, green may not be a preferred colour for all, but it is the need of day.

Living in mega city like Mumbai, where bricks and cement have replaced tree trunks and tender leaves, its a task on our hands to try and preserve the already diminishing natural resource. But as always there are solutions that can be followed to improve the situation. There are few initiatives that every household can take.
Now what kind of steps am I talking about? Putting off unused appliances, turning to vegetarian food, growing more plants, discouraging clothes made out of animal skins,checking pollution levels etc are some that can be implemented at a household level. At a community level, regular cleaning of landfills, proper garbage treatment, retaining open spaces etc are measures that can be undertaken.

There goes a corporate saying, ‘Think out of the box’. Generically put, if we can leverage this punch line in the context of this article, we shouldn’t restrict our responsibilities and actions to our country, we are the citizens of this universe and the preservation and conservation of mother nature lies in our hands.


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