Thursday, March 5, 2009

Changing Times

One clear evidence of changing times is also the way we dress. Dress!! Do I really care about how others dress, eat, sleep etc...? Sorry this may not be a point of discussion for all. The point I am trying to drive here is, there are somethings that visibly indicate that time has moved on and newer things have emerged.
My experiences so far, on various grounds ratify this thought of mine to the fullest. 2 years ago I knew nothing about blogging!
Are we forced to move with time or ahead of it, is a question I would like to first ask myself. My domestic maid updates me on her late arrival via SMS, I check the rates of newspaper scrap by messaging my dealer. Small things, but they do count. We (India) don't hold the record for most number of Mobile phone users for nothing.
Children, now, begin their computer acquaintance as early as 5-6 years old. As a 6 year old I always wanted to play outdoor games. We used to play a variety of games and the evenings would never be complete, had we missed playing any of them. Jumping compound walls, chasing each other have been replaced by Counter Strikes, NFS’s etc. These are good hi-tech games, but physical games shouldn’t be only restricted to gymnasiums and club houses.
Laying of new roads, bridges, introduction of hybrid cars are indications of physical changes around us, but the basic mindset of humans has grown only scantily. Its still a debate that technology would take over life. While better equipments and technology are only complimentary to human life, it can, in no way replace the human element. A wonderful tool called the Internet, facilitates one to send an email to his loved ones, at the same time some anti social elements exploit it to send threats. The shenanigans of techies and technocrats would take a lot of time to fall.
At the end of all, I am always game for new breed of technology, but the human element should always be on top. Technology should act as buttress and not conquest.
There still are billions of people that I encounter daily who do not use cell phones and they seem to be happy not having it either. Hmmm! Another billion, possibly who do not use computers. Being economically and financially deprived of them, is an altogether different story. But these are ones who don't feel its requirement as yet. So be it!
“Parivartan hi Sansar ka niyam hain” goes a saying in Hindi. One shouldn’t shy away from the changes, but take things in their stride positively and move along. I know its easier said than done.

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