Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beat the Saviour

This dastardly act of attacking the Sri Lankan cricketers has not only shaken the entire cricketing fraternity in the sub continent region but with it also the general public.
Though the bullets were fired in the lawns of the Liberty market in Lahore its velocity could be felt far and wide.
After the Indian cricket team denied travelling to Pakistan, preceded by several other nations, it was Sri Lanka who stepped in to act as a bridge between Pakistan and the other cricketing nations. This gesture was only ridiculed by the fast encroaching Talibanisation within Pakistan.
As I sit to write my heart felt views to the Sri Lankan cricketers, I also fret about the foreseeable cricketing (sporting) future of Pakistan. One has to feel for the genuine cricket lovers of Pakistan, for it wasn’t their entire fault that this heinous incident happened.
Sri Lanka, a strife torn nation submerged with its own problems, takes off to Pakistan, another cricket crazy country waiting for the revival of the wonderful game. Despite Sri Lanka’s effort to act as a saviour, its noble thought was defeated by an act of cowardice. For long it was believed that Sporting personalities are indispensible and are brand ambassadors of goodwill and harmony. We also heard Imran Khan restating time and again that any terrorist organisation would never harm sportsmen, but even he was proved wrong. As a result, it is no longer safe to conclude that sporting personalities are above all. One can only play a waiting game to see what lies ahead for Pakistan from a cricketing perspective.
It must come as a respite that England has acknowledged to act as a neutral venue for all Pakistan matches, but the essence of playing at home will be dearly missed.
In the midst of the blame game, the real victims are the common people. In this scuffle, it’ll always be the aam aadmi who’s at the receiving end. With the upcoming general elections what better time to sit back individually and analyse the corollary of our voting pattern. Do we need someone who promises light and takes us to darkness or one who can illuminate our minds within the looming obscurity. Let us Decide!

-Shridhar Mahadevan (4/3/2009)

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  1. Nice one Sridhar...
    I thoroughly support your thoughts on the said subject. Its time for us to decide and eradicate the basic roots of terrorism not only from our land but from the whole world.
    Well written Srids...
    Pravin Venkatraman